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First Day of Chemo

First Day of Chemo

Hello there dear friends + family!

We have endured and survived the first day of chemo. We appreciate all your texts and calls, and for everyone who provided food for us!

Let’s dive in shall we?

  • 10 am check in to appointment

  • She was glad to learn that she’s able to walk around + do bathroom breaks during chemo treatment

  • The first session is the longest one, estimated time 6 hrs.

She finally was able to recline the chair and fall asleep

  • We requested an alternative to Benadryl

    • Next chemo session, we will do Zertec via pill form (non drowsy)

  • Only ate saltine crackers, and cooled her body down with barley tea

3 hours later

  • She regained a bit of strength and is able to walk to the bathroom, a couple of times

3 more hours later

  • Started to talk more, still very dizzy, can barely open her eyes 

  • Last medication finished at 5:30, they left the saline drip for an extra 30 min

  • Pastor Paul and Tante Santi Gunadi came to pray over her during the first hour of chemo

  • She was doing well, talking, laughing, and then at 12:20 they administered Benadryl via IV

  • Within 5 minutes, her body shut down and became h e a v y.

    • super dizzy spells

    • couldn’t open eyes

    • tongue felt heavy 

    • weak arms

“it was like my body was paralyzed, it was so scary” - h.k.

By 6 pm (8 hrs total), she was starting to become more talkative, they “unplugged” her.

We wheel-chaired her out, since she was still very weak and dizzy to walk to the parking garage, by the time we got home, she had enough energy to walk around and sat outside with Tim, enjoying the last bits of golden hour + the sunset.

Ate a small dinner, snacked on some fruits, and she was in bed by 10 pm. She said she still felt whoozy, a bit light headed, and she said half her energy is gone.

We will have an appointment with our Oncologist this coming Friday, please keep us in your prayers!

It was a long + crazy day, filled with ups and downs, but we’re so grateful to have the whole family fighting with her, and her warrior prayer groups fighting along beside us.

Special thanks to:

for prayer/food/snacks/herbal tea

Pastor Paul + Tante Santi Gunadi

Cisca Kho

Tante Lany + Soendjojo Family
Angel Hosea + her mother

Tante Ana

Tante Maria

& Oncology staff

Second Day of Chemo

Second Day of Chemo