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Third Day of Chemo

Third Day of Chemo

Hello, hello there!

3rd session is in the books! Today we were greeted with beautiful weather, a positive/slightly nervous attitude, and a bountiful of prayers for her.

After taking her initial blood pressure and stats, the nurse informed us that her potassium level is low. She had to take a “horse-sized” pill, prior to the session.

This past Thursday, she had a surgery to put in a port. A port’s purpose is a direct connection the the biggest vein in a individual’s heart. Many recommend chemo through the port so that it avoids the risk of her other veins collapsing. We’ll post a blog about her surgery here (coming soon).

Surgery for the port was on Thursday, this chemo session meant that it hasn't even been a week since the surgery, and where they put the port in, was still tender and sensitive.

  • This made her very nervous, for when they had to poke her with the chemo needle

  • The nurse felt around the port area, to find the 3 prongs (where the needle is supposed to go) but since it’s still swollen, the nurse had to go in blind, luckily the first try was a success

She said the needle was a hard stab, but not as bad as she thought it was going to be, pain wise

They started her off with a saline drip, and started the chemo shortly after

  • The nurse kindly reminded us about hydrating to flush out all the toxins

  • We ended the session at 1:45pm

  • She felt a tad bit dizzy after

  • Very, very sleepy and napped for 2 hours after her session

  • After she woke up, she felt stronger and was even able to help Tesia make corn fritters, her special + secret way.

  • She has a healthy appetite, drinking lots of fluids, and is in good spirits!

T h a n k y o u all for today’s prayers, we greatly appreciate it all.

A Scary Experience

A Scary Experience

Second Day of Chemo

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