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Second Day of Chemo

Second Day of Chemo

Hello there prayer warriors!

Second day is done! We started the day with high energy + a positive attitude. I’m happy to report that her positive attitude lasted throughout the entire chemo today!

She is very happy that today’s session will only be 3 hrs.

  • It seems less stressful, and easier to overcome

  • Her mouth and tastebuds are overwhelmed with a heavy metallic taste (typical)

  • Duration: 1pm - 3:30pm

  • We tried a different allergy medication (Zyrtec) to avoid her “dizzy spell” reaction last week.

    • By omitting Benadryl, she seems to have her cheery attitude throughout the entire chemo

  • Pastor Paul came to bless + pray over her 2nd session, Ester and Justin Dharmosetio came for support and laughter.


Everything feels dry, eyes, lips, skin, etc

  • She’s hydrating w/ barley tea

Thankfully she doesn’t feel any nausea, she still has an appetite right after chemo. ⋒

  • We grabbed lunch with family + spent the rest of the day recuperating


She is so grateful for all the prayers, support texts, food drop offs, and more! Actually, we are all thankful for our community of support + prayer.

thank you all.

Third Day of Chemo

Third Day of Chemo

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