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Fourth Day of Chemo

Fourth Day of Chemo

Hello there, all you lovely people!

We have overcame our 4th chemo session, this past Monday, October 7th. She finished her 1st cycle, and is now starting the 2nd.

Mentally, she’s doing well. She’s strong, driven, positive. Ready for any small adventure, always dreaming of the beach + the sunsets. More on her mental health, can be found on this blog post, here.

  • We started the day early, she took her necessary pills

  • We were greeted by our warm, kind hearted staff

Since her last blood work, this past Friday, we decided to keep the needle and tubing in her port for the weekend. She was happy she didn’t have to be poked by another needle this morning. To know more about her port-a-cath, click here.

  • After 30 minutes on the saline drip, the pharmacy finally cleared us to start her chemo

  • This time around, we all knew what to expect, our main objective was now comfort

  • We finally got her some headphones so she can watch movies and drown out her surrounding noises

    • We still need to find good noise canceling in-ear headphones, any of you guys have recommendations?

  • Her friend got her the softest scarf ever, it kept her nice and warm during chemo

  • Her routine for this chemo was: movie, nap, restroom, texting you guys, nap, restroom, repeat

  • This treatment, although it was shorter than we expected, felt long for her

  • Eyes were dry, and she was constantly putting in her eye drops

We are also embracing all the little hardships and all the little victories. We are starting to accept this new “normal”, so we decided to share 2 new blog posts:

Mental Health Update: is all about how she’s doing. Mentally, spiritually, etc. We would love any self care tips that you guys love to do, maybe we can start implementing some new ideas for her self care / self health!

A Scary Experience: we talk about our experience about Port-a-Cath. That’s all I can really say.

  • At 12 PM she finished the treatment, grateful that it stopped at 4 hrs rather than the estimated 6 hrs.

  • She went home, hydrated, funny enough, she didn’t feel too tired

    • she had to force herself to rest and ended up taking a nap

  • Afterwards, her appetite has been good, and healthy

Due to a helpful recommendation, we found out that we were able to request blood work in the morning, and then chemo later, that same day. Meaning she only has to be poked with a needle, 1 time that week. See? It’s little things like that, that are definitely “God Things” and we are so grateful.

Not only after finding out that information, the wonderful oncology staff put in a rush request, and the doctor approved of it immediately! See… God Things.

SO because of that… we changed our blood work and chemo day to Tuesday! Starting next week, click here for the new chemo schedule to follow along!

Thank you to everyone who continues to read these updates, it actually makes her day knowing that you all are following along and sending unlimited prayers to her. Thank you for making her smile and laugh by visiting, food drop offs, your text messages, etc. She appreciates every little gesture.

A Mental Health Update

A Mental Health Update