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A Scary Experience

A Scary Experience

Hello there all you lovely people!

Today we are sharing a procedure she had to endure through her journey of chemo. She knew it was the best choice to make, especially for her case, but mentally she wasn’t ready, and it was definitely a struggle for her to accept.

Port-a-cath. Such a simple word, which stands for such simple procedure, but it was definitely a struggle to wrap our minds around.

Basically a port-a-cath is a long, thin, flexible tube, like a catheter, it threads into a large vein above the right side of the heart. It’s main purpose is to give intravenous fluids, blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and other drugs. It’s recommended since the constant use of the other veins in a person’s body may lead to damage or it collapsing under frequent use.

Knowing all this, we all knew it was the best choice for her to get the port-a-cath. But for some reason, mentally, it was very difficult for her to accept. It’s like… it became real for her.

Then we found out that she’ll still have to be poked by a needle via the port-a-cath twice a week, and that never settled well with her.

Upon talking to the nurses, they informed us that we can keep the needle in her from her blood test, until the day of her chemo. This settled her worrying mind, and we tried it for the first time this weekend.
Backstory: She usually has her lab tests done on Friday and then chemo the following Monday.

She decided to keep the needle in her through the weekend (while working 2 events that weekend). They bandaged her up nicely, made a little pocket out of gauze to house the tubing, and taped her alllll up. It was crazy seeing it, let alone for her to experience that.

I’m telling you that God speaks through the people we meet, because then someone recommended to us that we should have blood work in the morning, and then chemo that same day! Meaning 1 needle poke, and no need for her to go home for the weekend with a needle and tube sticking out of her!

Let’s all say a prayer of thanks to God for that suggestion, for the staff that pushed the request through, and for the doctor who immediately approved it.

Bottom line, we have a new chemo schedule, and it’s linked here! Blood work and chemo will all be done in the same day, and we are allll happy with one less doctor’s visit!

*information of the port-a-cath is self learned, and researched via online. do not take our word for any of the medical information, we are sharing our experience, and what we interpreted from it.

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