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Mental Health - II

Mental Health - II

Hello Hello!

Here are some words written by her.

These past two weeks have been very draining.

My scalp hurts from loosing hair
Laying down on a pillow is the worst now
Tearing up when looking at myself in the mirror
Breaking out in bumps/hives around my eyes
+ I’m experiencing bloody noses now

My Oncologist won’t just my chemo short, which means I can’t visit my parents this year. The Doctor said I can possibly go in January. Super disappointed on that news, I already promised my parents to come back on December for the 3rd time this year, but now I can’t fulfill that promise.

I recently lost a friend from cancer and it hit me hard. Cancer sucks!

6 chemo down
6 to go

My prayer request to you all is that i’m asking for a miracle… that my body will respond well to the 12th chemo

Thank God that I have a busy week, and that I’m still able to do my gigs and party all night at Tammy’s wedding!

Going out with friends is my best remedy for a suffering heart. Let's go have fun ladies!

Until the next time y’all. xx

Sixth Day of Chemo

Sixth Day of Chemo

Fifth Day of Chemo

Fifth Day of Chemo